About Us


Hello and welcome to the online home of Montessori East County Preschool, a beautiful, safe and loving preschool and infant care located in lovely Lakeside, CA for the past 26 years.  A quick over view of our school would entail that we are a licensed infant care and preschool facility located in a beautiful, large and gated building. That we adhere to each and every licencing, safety and educational required by state law, as well as added precautions we have developed over 26+ years of childcare experience. Our entire staff would like to encourage you and your children take the time to explore our facility, as well as meet our staff. Please read on to learn more about us.


Montessori East County Preschool adheres to the philosophy and theory created by Dr. Maria Montessori through her observations and experimentation’s with children from all backgrounds. She created a method and scientifically designed educational tools that respond to the specific stages of development universal to all children. Using this method we are able to provide a safe and stimulating environment which, through discovery and exploration, allows children to develop lifetime social, physical, emotional, and spiritual attitudes that lay a solid foundation for a socially responsible adulthood. The end result of such an education is an independent, self-confident, child with a love of learning.


Our goal is to provide a loving, nurturing, stimulating, calm and caring environment for our children. Our school promotes respect, independence, enthusiasm for learning, and appreciation for self and others. The Montessori philosophy of education is to aid in the development of the child’s unique individual potential. Our individualized program is designed in accordance with each child’s social and emotional needs, as well as his or her academic and physical development. At all levels, our teachers spark a child´s curiosity, encourage critical thinking and instill within children a joy for life-long learning.


Our programs for infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarten age children are conducted in a warm, loving, nurturing environment, where Montessori teachers and caregivers invest in your child. Infant rooms feature bright, airy interiors designed to stimulate with toys and materials that encourage hand / eye coordination and cognitive ability. Toddlers learn about practical life, begin their studies and play indoors and out. Pre-kindergarden children follow the curriculum outlined at each level. All children are taught gently how to solve problems amongst themselves with a teacher serving as mediator.

Meet Us

Please follow-up your visit to our website with a personal tour of the Montessori East County Preschool. Here, you can observe a Montessori classroom in session and have your enrollment questions answered by the school´s visionary leadership. The excellence you´ll find at Montessori East County Preschool is the result of the strong support and trust of our parents, and the dedication, training, and commitment of our teachers.